The Case For Metal Roofing Installation

Most shingle, shake, or asphalt roofing needs replacing every 10 to 15 years, and it can be expensive. This is the reason that many homeowners in Sunshine Coast are becoming very interested in metal roofing installation as an alternative. The purchase of a steel roof is rapidly becoming a real favourite for homes and businesses because a metal roof can be purchased and installed so it can last from 30 to 50 years.

Metal roofing has some very real advantages over shingle and shakes roofs. The durability of a metal roof is so much stronger and not as subject to wind and storm damage. The maintenance of a metal roof is nearly zero.

Metal roofing installation is not as difficult as one might think. The process will probably require more than one person for the installation process, mainly for the lifting and positioning of the materials. It can be done without hiring a crew to do it, but the instructions and fastening details should be followed closely. Most metal roofing projects can be ordered at a construction store, such as Lowe’s or Home Depot and delivered to the site where the roof is to be installed.

The metal roofing panels are all pre-cut with the exception of the angles, which will have to be cut on site. The panels will then be put together and attached by the fasteners that come with the roofing package. A DIY person can accomplish the job, but he will need some friends to help lift and place the panels. Metal roofing is fairly easy to install because the panels are lightweight.

A steel or metal roof will shed water more easily than other roofing materials, so the pitch on a new metal roof can be less than on other shingle or shake roofs. Steel or metal roofing can be installed over the top of old roofing, which will save time because the old roof does not have to be removed.

Metal roofing installation makes a lot of sense especially when considering style and effect. Literally, any colour of the spectrum can be chosen for the new roof, and it can even be a facsimile of a tile or slate roof. A roof that looks like Spanish tile is also a popular decision. There are endless choices from which to choose.

Many geographical areas in Australia experience extreme weather. Houses in these areas would do much better with a steel roof. The steel roof will withstand heavy winds and storms much better than its counterparts, and they are also fire resistant. A fire resistant roof would work very well in areas where fires are possibilities. In earthquake areas, since the steel roof adds a great deal of strength to the home, it would be a plus.

People are discovering the real advantages of metal roofing. It is a lightweight, yet strong addition to the home, with outstanding durability. The choice of colouring is a very nice added touch and is fun to contemplate the possibilities. The roof will be around for a very long time without having to be concerned with warping, cracks or leaks.

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